November Highlights

Well this month started mild and following a visit to my Local country park looking for Fieldfares and Redwings our visitors from Scandinavia which start to arrive from this month, I was surprised to see a Pair of Egyptian geese with new young on the lake.
I love this time of year with the crisp mornings and the natural colours on display in our woodlands and now is the best time to vist Arboretums to see the wonderful colours that nature produces.


 Dont forget to still keep an eye out for some of our Fungi that are appearing such as the Parasol which is a large fungi that pops up in our parks along with some of our smaller species such as Candlewick fungi  which gets its name from the similarities it shares to the burnt ends of a candlewick, and a walk in the woods following a damp evening can often turn up a surprise or two.

Candlewick Fungi
This is the Time of Year that I head for Donna Nook in Lincolnshire to observe and photograph the Atlantic Grey Seals coming ashore to give birth to their single pup. As of Wednesday the 15th November the pup count stood at 559 with the first pup being born in October. This is always a highlight in my calendar and a real spectacle to see for anyone willing to make the trip. The collective name for a seal colony is a rookery, this is a place where you can find cute and cuddly but you can also find violence And squabbles often break out between females and males.

Grey Seal Pup only hours Old
Squabbling Males

The colony at Donna Nook is stable and doing well, and the viewing area is controlled by Lincolnshire wildlife Trust Voluntary Wardens who ensure the welfare of the seals is maintained at all times and keep the viewing public at a safe distance from the seals and there pups.

Another place that is worth visiting this time of year is Dungeness RSPB Reserve for a morning before moving onto Rye Nature Reserve for the afternoon to watch the murmerations of starlings coming into roost for the evening on the marsh.
As well as the murmerations it is also an area where you can capture some good bird images of some of the more common species such as Kestrel, Blue Tits and Great Tits.

Blue Tit
Great Tit

Kestrel Hunting

Also along with some of our more common species of birds you can find a good selection of our waders such as Widgeon and Little Grebe (Dabchick) and Redshank.

Redshank in Flight

Dabchick with Catch

So whatever the weather November is a good time of year to get out there and observe the trial and tribulations of the natural world and to witness at first hand some of the struggles it encounters for survival into the winter months and beyond.





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