October Highlights:

Well October is here and the Deer rutting is well under way, a good place to go and see this annual event if you cannot make the trip to the wilds of Rum or Exmoor is your local deer park.
There are several parks within London where you can witness this event such as Richmond Park, Bushy Park and Greenwich Park to name but a few. However the later Greenwich Park have the deer fenced in so this will make for a safer viewing experience if taking any little ones to experience this event.
My chosen Park for this month was Richmond Park here you will see good herds of Fallow Deer and Red Deer all going through there annual ritual hoping to attract the females with which to mate with to produce the next young.

            Young stags Rutting Practice
Red Deer Stag (Cervus elaphus)

However you may also see some of the young stags going through practice rutting sessions, these are to help establish their positions within the herd and therefore their domency. If you are going to either Richmond or Bushy Park where the deer roam free also remember that these are wild animals and dont get to close as the testosterone fuelled males are highly terratorial. So always keep a safe distance between you and the animal that you are observing as a rule of thumb 50m is a good distance to maintain.
By following a few simple rules which I have suggested below you will be able to get good views of the main event while staying safe.

1; Keep a minimum distance of 50m between you and the Deer that your observing.
2; Never position yourself between a Stag and its Hinds  (Very Dangerous)
3; Never get between two stags that are parallel walking, this is an indication that they are sizing       
    each other up as a prelude to locking antlers and is (Very Dangerous).    
4; Dont go chasing deer around , once you found the herd sit quietly and wait for the deer to come to you.

Other Highlights;

Now is also the time of year when some of our winter birds start arriving from the arctic so keeep a lookout in your local parks for Redwings and Fieldfares espically. Also this is the time when we have an assortment of Fungi in our Parks and woods so look out for some of the larger well known species such as the Parasol fungi. Also the leaves are turning colour on the trees making for a kalidoscope of colour in our woods to enjoy. 

Parasol Fungi

Dont overlook any local ponds as these can hold some interesting gulls and waders as well as some of the more year round resident birds and can make good place to stay a while and observe 
If you are Interested in photography you can also capture some interesting images of birds in flight and in different positions such as below.


So spend time in the field and enjoy some of the Natural events that are happening around us at this time of year.


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